Pastor Paul's Ponderings

Pastor Paul reflects on issues of today and how teachings of the Bible can help us on our path.

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June 1, 2022


  I have something wrong with my shoulder. It occasionally just sorta pops and hurts. Maybe like gets stuck on something in there? And then that causes the shoulder to pop, my arm to jump, and of course a sudden jolt of pain. I have had a lot of injuries and abuse done to that shoulder over the years, my right shoulder, and I am right-handed. I suppose ponying a horse that propped and refusing to let go of it didn’t help. I probably should not have played racquetball for years while it was injured but….

  Any way. At the moment, I don’t know when or why my shoulder will pop and hurt. Some movements I can predict may bring about a pop, and sometimes not. Sometimes it just happens like when I was shaving my head in the shower the other day. Yup, it popped, hurt, and caused my arm to jump, yes the one holding the raiser. So I get a very big cut on my head that bleeds like crazy. Later that night I went to sleep and woke to blood on the pillowcase. And it keeps going.

If only I had gone to the doctors when I first hurt my shoulder all those years ago and had done the rest or whatever I was supposed to do. Then probably none of this other stuff would have happened.

  When something gets in the way of our relationship with God or with others, the same thing happens. Suppose one stole something and got away free with it. Because of the theft, maybe the person would be less likely to approach, communicate or spend time with God because of guilt caused by the theft, and then this causes withdrawal from God, a greater rift in the relationship with God.

  It’s the one thing that leads to another deal. And then that thing leads to yet something else.

To me, the word sin has always been a weird word. Sounds antiquated. I remember years ago traveling and having an evangelist-type guy in an airport tell me that sin would kill me or some such thing and that I was a sinner. He seemed really conceited to me. Maybe he forgot that he too was a sinner.

  Regardless, the idea of sin is that really anything at all that gets between you and God--is a sin. Or for that fact anything that gets between you and others. The Ten Commandments are examples of the biggest things (sins) that get between us and God and between us and others. Things that cause a rift in our relationships. And of course, those things tend to compound.

  If I had only taken care of my shoulder all those years ago maybe there wouldn’t be blood all over my pillowcase.

  Perhaps I shoulda let the horse that propped go and saved my arm in the first place.

  But I didn’t.

  This is why we all need Jesus. Jesus removes the things between us and allows us to start all over again fresh. If we want to. Each and every day.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Paul