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Pastor Paul's Ponderings

Pastor Paul reflects on issues of today and how teachings of the Bible can help us on our path.

March 28, 2024

  Northern: “Dispatch, southbound traffic stopped, and I am waiting back up”

  Southern: “Traffic is stopped northbound, dispatch, and I see other officers approaching, is a work crew still on the bridge?”

  Dispatch: “we’ll contact the foreman to get them off temporarily”

  Northern: “As soon as the other officers arrive, I’ll drive up there to warn them”

  Southern: “Dispatch, the bridge is falling right now……it is gone!”

  This is my version, transcript, of an excerpt from a recording that I heard soon after the collapse, that I now cannot find. It is likely not correct but the actual conversation between dispatch and two officers went something like that.

  When I listened to it, I remembered how cops are: “just the facts mam, nothing but the facts” and the stiff official sounding, non-emotional wording that officers of the law so often use. Despite that pattern of speech, it was clear to me that one of the officers, if not all of them were concerned about the fate of the men still on the bridge—there to repair potholes in the middle of the night. So concerned that he was willing to go to warn and retrieve them.

  Something about the whole concept, the idea of endangering his own life to try to save others, folks he likely didn’t even know, folks that he likely new were from other countries, because frankly what entitled American will do hard physical labor in the middle of the night? Yet he was willing to go.

  Yes, that goes with the territory of being a civil servant, but plenty of civil servants don’t go. Like when there was a shooting at a school in Texas recently.

  Hearing the willingness to risk one’s life for others-strangers-stirred my heart.

  “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends.” John 15:13

  And so to lay down one’s life for others, strangers, even more so, no?

  Jesus was the only sinless (perfect) human. He lived his whole life in Gods will, obedient and faithful to God. As the only human to ever do so he was very valuable. Jesus was also God, and as such could do anything. He was repeatedly tempted to stop being human and resume his divinity, he was tempted to escape the suffering and death but he didn’t. He willingly went to his death in order to pay the debt we all occurred by not being perfect/sinless. (Atonement). He risked it all, gave it all, for any and all humans. Even folk working a backbreaking job in the middle of the night. Because he loves us. All of us. The whole world. All of humanity.

  The officer willing to risk his life to warn and save others echo’s Jesus actions.

  I suspect if more folk followed Jesus’ example of love, nonviolence and self-sacrifice the world would be a much better place.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Paul

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